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It's not enough to say what's coming. Last year there was a full moon that was a bit of a witch. Afterwards I was wondering, did I overemphasize the difficulty of that full moon? You have 2, people responding. I mean, they were in car wrecks, they lost a kitten, they were in a fight with their boyfriend and broke up. It was a litany. Nicholas, on the other hand, is less interested this type of engagement.

Just go live your life. It's fine! As fun as IsMercuryInRetrograde.

1. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Astrology reminds us that our lives are shaped by the influences — both seen and unseen, rationally explicable and scientifically untenable — that surround us. Nicholas falls somewhere in the middle.

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All three, however, are excited about the changes that technology — and even the potential for future space travel into the realms they write about — might bring to astrology. How would astrology adapt and change if humans lived lives outside of Earth? Despite the historical rift between hard science and astrology, Miller is hopeful about future collaborations. Astrology is, fundamentally, about making sense of that brave new world: wading into the wide, distant sky and using its motions to predict how things will move down here on Earth.

This feels like perhaps the most timely thing we could ask for in this fractious, fractured moment. She lives and works in Los Angeles. Andrew White for BuzzFeed News. Astrology is a tool, and that tool itself is neutral.


Digestibility helps make astrology marketable, and being marketable has helped it survive and thrive. Claire Comstock-Gay in her home office in St.

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Paul, Minnesota. I'll give a 7. It's touch and go. But I do like using charts when I'm talking to someone new to get to know them better, and see what they're hiding from me. A good 8. That part pisses me off. The day could come and go, and you experience nothing. I don't like that.

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  • Thanks x 6. Feb 12, 8. As a general guide to life an dealing with people tho? Thanks x 7. Feb 12, 9. With a grain of salt. I give it maybe a 4. Feb 12, The deeper I get the more I believe. To me its a guide or self awareness tool. Most of the people who are anti have only read a newspaper horoscope If you haven't pulled a full birth chart and read it I don't want to hear your opinion. I pull charts on all the people in my circle and the fit their personality and struggles to a T.

    BTW whats the best way to finagle a guys birth time during conversation without sounding weird? Thanks x 16 LOL! Thanks x 3. A good 6. Sometimes 5. Rarely 4.

    That One Friend Who Believes in Horoscopes

    Last edited: Feb 12, Thanks x 2 WTF! I wouldn't say I had "faith" in it. I save my faith for the Divine Creator. However, the Divine did create the energy, laws and patterns that astrology attempts to decode. I find astrology to be highly accurate and true. Now, I read a lot of stuff on here that I disagree with and I disagre with with a lot of interpretations from astrologers.

    But astrology itself is accurate; you just have to be able to discern and interpret. I rely mostly on my own judgment for my charts. I incorporate astrology into my spiritual life practices.

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    6. In a demographic desperate for reassurance, a customized cosmos is a very valuable proposition..

    It confirms a lot things and gives me eye-opening revelations that dovetail with other happenings in my life. I"ve found transits, solar returns and the natal chart to be mind-blowing in their precision. I don't find horary to be terribly accurate but that could be based on my deficiencies as a reader. I don't believe in decans either. I don't enjoy horoscopes because I don't believe in overly general interpretations for the masses. There are obviously women and LGBTQ people who feel similarly, but why is this attitude so prevalent among straight men in particular?

    Is it because astrology is generally seen as a "women's" interest? A couple of the men I spoke to referenced their dads reading daily horoscopes in the tabloids, realising that any of the vague summaries could apply to them and deciding they would never return to astrology. Most admitted being put off because astrology had been so gendered. I can't remember Esquire or Loaded having such pages when I read them many moons ago. His opinion on astrology? Waste of energy.

    Is Astrology Real? We Asked 5 Women to Put Their Horoscopes to the Test

    Waste of chip paper. It's like the lottery for lonely people. Sam feels similarly that astrology has always been gendered, and that the male response to that — to ignore it — makes sense. I think women are drawn to them out of a sense of curiosity and spirituality that is drummed out of boys at a young age. Unsurprisingly, dating has provided a stage for tension. As women become more hooked on astrology, more straight men are being forced to engage with it.

    Most of the men I spoke to talked about astrology chat ruining dates, or ex-girlfriends who were "too obsessed" with the cosmos. She met my parents — a meeting I thought went well, until my dad laughed in her face when she asked what his sign was and suggested that cancer signs typically struggled with appreciating music. The family ended up having an "icy" tube journey home, the ex upset that Laurie's dad had given her beliefs so little patience. Both had an explosive argument about astrology that ended in her "consulting some charts for me there and then to see if my decision-making or reasoning was being negatively affected by Mercury or some similar shite", and Laurie breaking up with her via text.

    5 Countries That Take Astrology Way More Seriously Than You Do |

    Adam, 26, from Oxford, was dating a female friend when an initial interest in astrology became a gateway drug to all sorts of New Age stuff, like tarot and palm reading. Would Adam date another Astrology Girl? If it was a major thing?