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Or career coaches? If you believe in fun, read on. Since, by chance , Miller had changed my life, I recently rang her up for an interview for Purpose, Inc. Over the phone, the effervescent Miller did an unexpected quick chart reading that jolted me into taking a giant leap of faith on a project that had long been a dream on the back burner. After two years of doggedness and hard work, it came true.

Elle magazine horoscope

And thanks to Miller, in the process I became a curious student of a self-knowledge method practiced by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Benjamin Franklin. Her mother had studied astrology for many years and taught Miller the practice, along with philosophy, ancient history, and religion to round out her training. She actually used those words.

Leo Monthly Horoscope Free & Exclusive | Elle UK

After 12 years of learning astrology with the guidance of her mother, Miller became a successful agent for commercial photographers in New York, working with major companies like Coca-Cola. But she started doing birth chart readings for fun, and built a word-of-mouth fan base driven by her accurate insight. This led to a publishing offer from Warner Books. She launched AstrologyZone.

Leo daily horoscope

She was told to forget about a normal high school life, and was home-schooled from her bed by instructors from the Board of Education and her mother. Out of desperation, Miller wrote to Horoscope Magazine, which she had seen her mother reading, and asked whether her birth chart showed she would walk again. Months later, the magazine published her letter and the good news that, with lucky Jupiter in the 6 th house of healing, she indeed would.

This experience—and the fact that her illness kept her in bed while most kids went on dates and played sports—led her to study astrology with monastic determination. Years later, with perseverance, she found a brilliant young surgeon who helped her live a normal life, and on graduation day, Miller crossed the stage using crutches to pick up her high school diploma.

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She went on to graduate from New York University where she earned awards and honors as a marketing and economics major at the Stern School of Business, and has been walking normally for many years. As an example, Miller pointed to President Obama who has the lucky planet Jupiter in cutting edge Aquarius, which she said helped him win his close presidential race. Mitt Romney, a Pisces, has Jupiter in Scorpio, which makes him an excellent negotiator. According to Miller, looking at our past 44 presidents of the United States, Americans tend to elect presidents born in fixed signs.

Bush, a Leo Rising. I can tell you when to act and when to hold back. You have to take a risk and be part of the energy. As a special contribution to Big Think, Miller provided a summary of an eclipse which, according to astrology, heralds a swift change. You may receive a windfall from family, such as a gift or inheritance, or you may win money, say, in a game show on TV.

Alternatively, you may form a business partnership, or hire a collaborator, such as a new accountant or lawyer.

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Experts that you hire and work with in a one-on-one way will be highlighted at eclipse time. You may hire a new publicist, stylist, or other professional, even a doctor. It is a great time to get sleek and fit.

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    Leos Can Fight Mercury In Retrograde With These PopSockets

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